How to enroll in App Mining

This is outdated documentation for the App Mining program. App Mining Has Been Paused. Thank you to the hundreds of you that participated and congratulations to our winners. More info & all apps →

Application mining rewards developers for building decentralized applications (DApps). You must enroll your application to be eligible for these rewards. This section explains the enrollment process and covers the following topics:

Warning: You must complete enrollment including submission of verification materials and BTC address prior to the month in which you wish to be considered. If your submission is incomplete it will not be reviewed. Please note that the submission process can take time to complete. No late submissions will be accepted, but we'll be happy to include you in the following month's ranking. You should register early to allow for sufficient time for collection of all required materials.

Complete the add and submission forms on

Make sure you enroll in advance of the month you would first like your app to complete. You need only enroll in App Mining once. A single submission enrolls your app in the month you submit and every month following automatically.

To apply, do the following:

  1. Integrate Blockstack Auth into your app.

    Your application code can reside in a public or a private repository.

  2. Complete the form.

    You should fill out all the required fields.

    Field Description
    Your Name Your first and last name.
    Your Email A valid email address. If you are submitting an example of Animal Kingdom sample,this is the email where we will send you instructions for getting your Zero to DApp t-shirt.
    App Name Name of your application. If you are submitting an example of Animal Kingdom sample, enter USERNAME: Animal Kingdom.
    Short description Describe your application.  
    Website The URL of the website where you deployed your application.  
    App icon URL URL_DEPLOYED_SITE/icon-192x192.png for example,   
    Open Source URL The URL where your source code lives. If you are submitting an example of Animal Kingdom sample, you can leave this blank for a sample application.  
    Twitter Handle Optionally enter a Twitter handle for your application, for example `@coolapp`.
    Category If you are submitting an example of Animal Kingdom sample, make sure you choose the Sample Blockstack Apps category.
    Blockchain If you are submitting an example of Animal Kingdom sample, leave this as is.
    Storage Choose Gaia if you are using it.
    Authentication Choose Blockstack; Blockstack Authentication is required to participate in Animal Kingdom.

    Make sure you choose Blockstack from the Authentication list on the form.

  3. Press Submit App.

    The system responds with the a completion dialog and an application link.

    You will also receive an email from the team acknowledging receipt of your submission.

  4. Copy and store the application link.

Provide pay out and tax details

After you submit an app to the site you must supply the additional details for your application to be complete. When you successfully submitted your application, you received a link to your submission on This link gives you the ability to submit your application details such as your tax and payment addresses.

This dialog requires that you provide the following materials.

Required Why?
Payment Details Presently, App Mining payments are made in Bitcoin (BTC) but we anticipate paying in Stacks (STX) soon. For your Stacks payment to start accruing for future delivery, you must provide both BTC and STX addresses. Your app cannot participate in App Mining without Blockstack having both address types on file. To get a STX address, you need to install the Stacks Wallet.
Identity verification We are ready to pay you Bitcoin and Stacks tokens for building a great Blockstack app, but we also need to comply with all applicable laws. This means we must confirm your identity before you can participate in App Mining. Identity verification is a process designed to confirm your identity and protect you from identity theft. You must submit an image of your ID document, which is checked to ensure it is legitimate and has not been altered or manipulated. Valid identity documents are a passport, an identity card, or a driver's license.
Document Signing You must sign our participation agreement to become eligible to participate in App Mining. Signing is a process, you provide an email and download some accompanying materials. Then, you complete the signing process via an online process.
Tax Documents Person's or entities (businesses or organizations and so forth) must provide tax documents to participate. US persons or entity supply a IRS Form W-9. Persons outside of the US supply a IRS Form W-8 while entities supply a IRS Form W-8BEN-E. You upload your completed forms via Dropbox, a DropBox account is not required to upload.

After you submit your materials, Blockstack verifies your information and your DApp appears in the list of registered apps.

How to check the status of your submission

You can use your application details link to check on your submission status: