How to enroll in App Mining

Application mining pays developers for building decentralized applications (DApps). Enrolling in App Mining also makes your application eligible for rewards.

Warning: You must complete enrollment including submission of verification materials and BTC address prior to the month in which you wish to be considered. If your submission is incomplete it will not be reviewed. Please note that the W9 or W8 process may take time to complete. No late submissions will be accepted, but we'll be happy to include you in the following month's ranking. You should register early to allow for sufficient time for collection of all required materials.

Complete the add and submission forms on

Make sure you enroll at least one business week in advance of the month you would first like your app to complete. You need only enroll in App Mining once. A single submission enrolls your app in the month you submit and every month following automatically.

To apply, do the following:

  1. Integrate Blockstack Auth into your app.

    Your application code can reside in a public or a private repository.

  2. Add your app to

    Make sure you choose Blockstack from the Authentication list on the form.

  3. Provide your pay out and tax materials.

Provide pay out and tax materials

After you complete the submission form on the site you must supply the following additional materials for your application to be complete.

Required Why? How to provide
BTC address The payout for App Mining is currently Bitcoin. If you win, this is the address we will send your payout to. The address you provide will be visible in any related transactions via the blockchain. Email to:
Tax form Required for both US citizens and non-citizens. US Citizens should fill out a W-9 form.

Non-citizens should fill out the applicable W-8 form. Please note, the version of the W-8 form you must fill out depends on your country's treaty status with the US. We cannot assist you in completing the form: you are responsible for completing it accurately.

Secure dropbox link

After you enroll and submit your materials, Blockstack verifies your information and your DApp appears in the list of registered apps.