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Write Clarity smart contracts, build apps, and starting mining with the Stacks blockchain

Understand Stacks

Graphic for: Overview
OverviewLearn more about the Stacks 2.0 blockchain
Graphic for: Proof of Transfer
Proof of TransferUnderstand the proof-of-transfer consensus mechanism
Proof of Transfer
Graphic for: Testnet
TestnetTest your smart contracts and apps

Write smart contracts

Graphic for: Write smart contracts
Write smart contractsOverview and guides for getting started with Clarity
Write smart contracts
Graphic for: Hello, World
Hello, WorldLearn the basics of Clarity and write a simple Hello World smart contract.
Hello, World

Build apps

Graphic for: Authentication
AuthenticationRegister and sign in users with identities on the Stacks blockchain
Graphic for: Transaction signing
Transaction signingPrompt users to sign and broadcast transactions to the Stacks blockchain
Transaction signing
Graphic for: Data storage
Data storageSave and retrieve data for users with Gaia
Data storage

Start mining

Graphic for: Mine mainnet Stacks tokens
Mine mainnet Stacks tokensSet up and run a miner on the Stacks 2.0 mainnet
Mine mainnet Stacks tokens
Graphic for: Mine testnet Stacks tokens
Mine testnet Stacks tokensSet up and run a miner on the Stacks 2.0 testnet
Mine testnet Stacks tokens
Graphic for: Running a testnet node
Running a testnet nodeLearn how to set up and run a testnet node
Running a testnet node


Overview of StacksLearn about Stacks and decentralization
Overview of Stacks
Stacks tokenLearn about the native token of Stacks
Stacks token
How to contributeLearn how this site is built, and how you could contribute to it.
How to contribute