Blockstack Connect is a JavaScript library for integrating your application with Stacks v2. With Connect, you get some big benefits:

  • Pre-built UI to introduce your users to Blockstack, before they authenticate
  • Integration with our new authenticator
  • Ability to interact with the Stacks 2.0 blockchain, with support for smart contracts and other transactions.


To get a test feel for the user experience of using Connect, you can use Banter.

How does this compare to blockstack.js?

Although blockstack.js exposes everything you need to handle authentication with Blockstack, there is still the hard problem of getting users familiar with the the paradigm of authentication that is privacy-first and self-sovereign. Many apps implement their own dialogues before authentication, which explain what Blockstack is and why they use it.

@blockstack/connect provides developers with a plug-and-play API that is simple to use, and provides great, out-of-the-box education that end-users can understand.

How can this be used?

Head over to the Guide to Connect for installation steps and usage guidelines.