Information for current token holders

The information on this page is intended for current Stacks token holders during Blockstack’s token sale through early 2018.

Find your token balance and unlock date

During your the initial grant process, you should have submitted a public Stacks wallet address to Blockstack. The wallet address is a string of letters and numbers starting with an SP or SM, for example: SM3KJBA4RZ7Z20KD2HBXNSXVPCR1D3CRAV6Q05MKT

If you purchased Stacks tokens through CoinList, you can find your address at CoinList. If you submitted your Stacks address directly to Blockstack, you can either use the “Restore from Seed Phrase” feature on the Stacks wallet or contact us at for help.

Use the following form to check your Stacks allocation:

You should see a report detailing the tokens allocated to your address and when they unlock:

If you have questions or concerns about your report, please contact

Understanding the timeline for unlocking your tokens

In October 2018, the Stacks blockchain launched under the Stacks token. With the launch, Stacks tokens unlock for accredited token holders under a predetermined unlocking schedule. The events on the unlocking schedule are the same for each token holder, the dates of these events depend on the holders’s purchase date.

The general timeline for unlocking tokens and the capabilities that are potentially possible, are as follows:

Your specific unlock date depends on when you purchased or were granted tokens. You can use the Blockstack Explorer to discover how many tokens you have registered and when they will unlock.