Frequently asked questions

What is a seed phrase?

When you create a wallet address, you also create a seed phrase. With one significant exception, a seed phrase is similar to a banking pin in that it gives you access to your wallet and your token allocation. Unlike a pin, if you lose your seed phrase you can never access your wallet or your token allocation ever again.

Warning: Losing a seed phrase is final and destructive. Blockstack does not keep a copy of your seed. Blockstack cannot give you a new seed, get your access to your wallet, or return your tokens if you lose your seed phrase.

Keep your seed phrase secret. Just as with a banking pin, anyone that knows or steals your seed phrase can access your allocation.

You should write your seed phrase down and store the paper you write on in at least two secure locations. A safe or lock box is a good location. You can also store it online in an encrypted password manager such as 1Password. You should never simply store a seed phrase in Apple Cloud or Dropbox.

How do I keep my tokens secure?

The safety of your Stacks Tokens is extremely important to us. To help ensure that you complete the process of receiving your tokens correctly and securely, please read the following guidelines:

  • Website Safety: When inputting data on a website or verifying the presence of data on a website it is essential that you confirm that the URL is correct and that your browser is using HTTPS.

  • Email Safety: Blockstack will never ask for your personal identifying information over e-mail, or call you directly. When we ask verifying questions, we will only do so when you call us to confirm your identity. We will never ask you for money or your Seed Phrase (private key).

If you have large token holdings, make sure you take advantage of custodial services. A wallet does not provide the security of a custodial service.

When will the new Stacks wallet be available?

An initial version of the Stacks wallet was released for the token sale. With the launch of the Stacks genesis block, that software wallet was retired. An updated version of the Stacks wallet is expected to be released in November 2018.

What is a public Stacks wallet address?

During the initial grant process, investors submitted a public Stacks wallet address to Blockstack. This is a string of letters and numbers starting with an ‘SP’ or SM’, for example SP017AUV5YRM7HT3TSQXJF7FCCYXETAB276BQ6XY is a wallet address.

If you purchased Stacks tokens through CoinList, you can find your address at CoinList. If you submitted your Stacks address directly to Blockstack, you can either use the “Restore from Seed Phrase” feature on the Stacks wallet or contact us at for help.

How do I get help from a person?

For questions or help regarding the Stacks token, you can contact us at