Check your address

We recommend that you confirm your address is correct by going through the following steps in the Stacks Wallet:

If you created a software wallet, using the “New Wallet” option, choose “Restore from Seed Phrase” when you start the Stacks Wallet application, then enter your Seed Phrase, and click “Restore.” The address that you see on the next screen should match the address you created earlier.

For Hardware Wallets:

If you used a hardware wallet originally, you can go through the same process again (clicking “Use a Hardware Wallet” when you first start the Stacks Wallet application), and your hardware wallet should produce the same address every time. If you used a “passphrase” make sure that you use the correct passphrase when checking your wallet address; using a different passphrase will result in generating a different address. (For more information on using passphrases with Trezor, see this page and for information with Ledger, see this page)

Make sure to store your hardware wallet’s seed phrase (sometimes referred to as a “Recovery Phrase” or “Recovery Seed”) in the correct order safely. We recommend in at least two locations. If you used a passphrase, you should store that as well.

For Multi-Sig Wallets:

If you used a multi-signature wallet (for advanced users), you will need to re-enter your public keys to check your address (by clicking “Create Multi-signature Wallet”). The order that you enter the public keys into the multi-sig wallet is important! If you do not remember the order in which you entered your public keys, please contact