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In this part, you learn about application mining as a funding source for your new DApp efforts. You’ll submit your sample Animal Kingdom to App.co, the Universal DApp store and earn a t-shirt. You’ll also learn about other ways Blockstack helps your development efforts. This part contains the following topics:

This page assumes you have customized and deployed your Animal Kingdom as described in part 3.

Understand application mining

Traditionally the term mining in cryptocurrency refers to the process of contributing compute resources to the network and earning a reward. On the Blockstack network, however, instead of just mining through computation, developers can mine by contributing apps to the ecosystem and making applications the community wants.

Founders that build apps using Blockstack developer tools like Blockstack Auth get paid each month, in amounts proportional to that month’s app quality ranking. Blockstack PBC, in cooperation with App.co, currently administers the payouts. A set of independent App reviewers determines the monthly ranking during the pilot phase.

For each App Mining cohort, there is a determined “pot” of total earnings that will get paid to apps. For the Alpha run, Blockstack paid a total of $25,000 USD. Starting in December 2018, Blockstack will pay $100,000 USD and the awards will be paid out in Bitcoin.

The top app gets paid 20% of the total pot. So, for a pot of $100k, the top app receives $20,000 USD. The next app gets paid 20% of the remaining pot. The remaining pot is $80k, and 20% of that is $16,000. This process continues until every app has been paid.

Here is a chart that visualizes the decay in rewards, depending on rank:

Add your Animal Kingdom to App.co

App.co accepts applications from all decentralized protocols such as Ethereum, Blockstack, and many others. When you add an app, it is not automatically eligible for application mining, you must submit it using an another procedure. You can also submit an application for App Mining but not add it to App.co.

In this section, you add your Animal Kingdom to the Blockstack Sample Application category on App.co. Adding your Animal Kingdom app to this category earns you a limited edition a Zero-to-DApp t-shirt. Only submit your sample application if you have deployed the application on the internet. This allows us to confirm you completed the tutorial. You can submit more than one example, only your first submission receives a t-shirt.

To add an app, do the following:

  1. In your browser, navigate to the App.co website.
  2. Choose Add your app option from the menu.

    The system opens the submit your App form.

  3. Complete the following fields.

    Field Description
    DApp Name Name of your sample. Animal Kingdom or, if you renamed it, the name you gave your application.
    Short description Describe your application.  
    Website The URL of the website where you deployed your application.  
    Contact Email A valid email address. This is the email where we will send you instructions for getting your Zero to DApp t-shirt.
    Image URL You can leave this blank for a sample application.
    Open Source URL You can leave this blank for a sample application.  
    Twitter Handle Optionally enter a Twitter handle if you have one.
    Registration is open to all users Leave this unchecked.
    Category Sample Blockstack Apps — make sure you choose this category.
    Blockchain Leave this as is.
    Storage Choose Gaia if you are using it.
    Authentication Choose Blockstack
  4. Press the Submit button.

    The Blockstack team will email you information about how to obtain your limited edition t-shirt at our store.

Submit a DApp to application mining

Only applications that integrate Blockstack authentication, use GAI storage, and which are accessible to review can participate in application mining.

To submit an application for App Mining, do the follwoing:

  1. Go to select App Mining from the App.co menu.
  2. Select the Submit your app for qualification button.

How Blockstack helps App Miners market

Blockstack reviews each submission to App Mining. Through this contact, Blockstack helps developers refine business models and facilitating interactions with investors. Two areas that Blockstack assists are pre-funding and pitching.

  • Pre-funding. Directed toward developers that have a proof of concept of either a blockchain application or an integration with Blockstack’s technology. Blockstack helps with sourcing of developers and designers. We can also help with direct access to our core team members that can help you refine or optimize your product.
  • Pitching investors. Blockstack can help you with access to an extensive investor community. Prior to arranging meetings we can give you resources to refine and craft your pitch for the blockchain market.

In addition to App Mining, Blockstack offers both a community reward program. Community rewards give users the ability to earn tokens for accomplishing tasks. For example, some of the latest ways user can earn money include:

  • Organize a Blockstack Hackathon
  • Message of the founders of stealthy.im with feedback and ideas
  • Use graphite to write a message about the problems decentralization solves

Learn more about participating in community rewards.


You’ve completed the Zero-to-DApp tutorial and have joined the growing DApp developer community on Blockstack. We hope you’ve taken the extra step of submitting your Animal Kingdom application to the App.co site.