4 - List and fund thru App.co

Zero to DAPP 4 of 4

In this part, you learn about application mining as a funding source for your new DApp efforts. You’ll submit your sample Animal Kingdom to App.co, the Universal DApp store and earn a t-shirt. You’ll also learn about other ways Blockstack helps your development efforts. This part contains the following topics:

This page assumes you have customized and deployed your Animal Kingdom as described in part 3.

Add your Animal Kingdom to App.co

App.co accepts applications from all decentralized protocols such as Ethereum, Blockstack, and many others. When you add an app, it is not automatically eligible for application mining, you must submit it using an another procedure. You can also submit an application for App Mining but not add it to App.co.

In this section, you add your Animal Kingdom to the Blockstack Sample Application category on App.co. Adding your Animal Kingdom app to this category earns you a limited edition a Zero-to-DApp t-shirt. Only submit your sample application if you have deployed the application on the internet. This allows us to confirm you completed the tutorial. You can submit more than one example, only your first submission receives a t-shirt.

To add an app, do the following:

  1. In your browser, navigate to the App.co website.
  2. Choose Add your app option from the menu.

    The system opens the submit your App form.

  3. Complete the following fields.

    Field Description
    Your Name Your first and last name.
    Your Email A valid email address. If you are submitting an example of Animal Kingdom sample,this is the email where we will send you instructions for getting your Zero to DApp t-shirt.
    App Name Name of your application. If you are submitting an example of Animal Kingdom sample, enter USERNAME: Animal Kingdom.
    Short description Describe your application.  
    Website The URL of the website where you deployed your application.  
    App icon URL URL_DEPLOYED_SITE/icon-192x192.png for example, https://animalkingdoms.netlify.com/icon-192x192.png   
    Open Source URL The URL where your source code lives. If you are submitting an example of Animal Kingdom sample, you can leave this blank for a sample application.  
    Twitter Handle Optionally enter a Twitter handle for your application, for example `@coolapp`.
    Category If you are submitting an example of Animal Kingdom sample, make sure you choose the Sample Blockstack Apps category.
    Blockchain If you are submitting an example of Animal Kingdom sample, leave this as is.
    Storage Choose Gaia if you are using it.
    Authentication Choose Blockstack; Blockstack Authentication is required to participate in Animal Kingdom.
  4. Check App is publicly accessible and user-ready.
  5. Agree to the terms.
  6. Press the Submit button.

    The Blockstack team will email you information about how to obtain your limited edition t-shirt at our store.

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You’ve completed the Zero-to-DApp tutorial and have joined the growing DApp developer community on Blockstack. We hope you’ve taken the extra step of submitting your Animal Kingdom application to the App.co site.