Guide to Blockstack Profiles

You can use the blockstack.js library to create and register an Blockstack username on the Stacks blockchain. This section describes the Profile object and contains the following topics:

About profiles

Profile data is stored using Gaia on the user’s selected storage provider. An example of a profile.json file URL using Blockstack provided storage:

Follow these steps to create and register a profile for a Blockstack username (identifier):

  1. Create a JSON profile object
  2. Split up the profile into tokens, sign the tokens, and put them in a token file
  3. Create a zone file that points to the web location of the profile token file
"account": [
	  "@type": "Account",
	  "service": "twitter",
	  "identifier": "naval",
	  "proofType": "http",
	  "proofUrl": ""

Create a profile

const profileOfNaval = {
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Person",
  "name": "Naval Ravikant",
  "description": "Co-founder of AngelList"

Sign a profile as a single token

import { makeECPrivateKey, wrapProfileToken, Person } from 'blockstack'

const privateKey = makeECPrivateKey()

const person = new Person(profileOfNaval)
const token = person.toToken(privateKey)
const tokenFile = [wrapProfileToken(token)]

Verify an individual token

import { verifyProfileToken } from 'blockstack'

try {
  const decodedToken = verifyProfileToken(tokenFile[0].token, publicKey)
} catch(e) {

Recover a profile from a token file

const recoveredProfile = Person.fromToken(tokenFile, publicKey)

Validate profile schema

const validationResults = Person.validateSchema(recoveredProfile)