App reviewer instructions

Reviewers submit their app rankings to Blockstack every month. The first day of the month Blockstack will email reviewers a spreadsheet on which to record rankings.

To submit app rankings, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download the spreadsheet for that month.

    The spreadsheet is sent to the email address Blocksack has on file for you. The sheet lists all apps eligible for ranking.

  2. Record your rankings on the spreadsheet.

    Place a the rank value in the Ranking column next to each app you would like to rank. You can rank only those apps you want and omit ranking others. Rank each application numerically where 1 (one) is the highest.

    Please avoid modifying the spreadsheet in apart from adding your rankings. The App ID column, in particular, must be preserved to process your rankings accurately.

  3. Return your rankings by the 15th of each month to

    Important: Blockstack must receive your rankings by the 15th of the month or they won't be considered!
  4. Attach your completed spreadsheet to your return email.

    Include in the email a brief explanation summarizing your methodology or thoughts when ranking. Please mention any app you want to highlight for the month.

After receiving the rankings from all reviewers, Blockstack will combine them to calculate each application’s final z-scores.