Blockstack API

Step-by-step instructions for deploying a Blockstack API node on Debian or Ubuntu are below.

  • Step 1: Make sure you have a Stacks Node running locally (see instructions).

  • Step 2: Make sure you have virtualenv installed. Then, setup the API:

    $ sudo apt-get install -y python-pip memcached rng-tools python-dev libmemcached-dev zlib1g-dev libgmp-dev libffi-dev libssl-dev
    $ sudo service memcached start
    $ sudo pip install virtualenv
    $ sudo npm -g install aglio
    $ virtualenv api && source api/bin/activate
    $ git clone
    $ cd blockstack-core/
    $ pip install .
    $ pip install -r api/requirements.txt
    $ blockstack setup_wallet
    $ blockstack api start
    $ deactivate
    $ ./ public_api

Search Subsystem

If you want to enable the search subsystem in your installation, you can follow the instructions here.

Nginx Deployment

For a production deployment we recommend using nginx and uwsgi:


and edit the paths depending on the uwsgi blockstack_api socket directory (defaults to /tmp/blockstack_api.sock) You can test your nginx settings:

$ sudo nginx -t


and edit the service user and blockstack paths depending on where your blockstack repo is located, and where your virtualenv is located.

Note: The following sed commands will work if the virtualenv is currently active and your shell is in the repo’s root directory.

$ sudo sed -i "s/User\=USER/User\=$USER/" /etc/systemd/system/blockstack_api.service
$ sudo sed -i "s#/path/to/blockstack#$PWD#" /etc/systemd/system/blockstack_api.service
$ sudo sed -i "s#/path/to/virtualenv#$VIRTUAL_ENV#" /etc/systemd/system/blockstack_api.service
  • Step 4: Get a security certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
    $ git clone
    $ cd certbot/
    $ ./certbot-auto --nginx -d <your_domain>

And copy the cert files to the path given in the nginx sites file earlier.

  • Step 5: Start nginx and the Blockstack API uwsgi server:
    sudo systemctl restart blockstack_api
    sudo systemctl restart nginx

If you run into any issues, please submit a Github issue and we’ll update these instructions.