Introduction to the Blockstack Browser

The Blockstack Browser gives users the ability to explore and use the decentralized applications (DApps). DApps are a new way to interact with the internet. DApps give users control of their data. Data about them personally, name, birthdate, phone number and data about what they do such as visiting a website or buying an item.

Understand the Blockstack Browser

Through the Blockstack Browser application you can create an identity. An identity represents you as you interact with others through DApps. The Blockstack Browser is itself, a simple DApp. It allows you to:

  • create one or more identities
  • send and receive bitcoin
  • manage the storage of your profile and application data
  • find and launch DApps

There are two editions of the Blockstack Browser, the web edition is an application you access through your web browser by simply visiting the application’s address in your computer’s browser. You can also install the browser as a client application on your computer.

If all you want to do is create, manage, and fund an identity and then interact with DApps, you can simply use the web edition. If you have concerns about net censorship, heightened security concerns, or want to develop a DApp yourself, you may want to download and install the browser’s client edition.

To use the web application to create an identity,

Using the Browser on public computers

Before you use the web application, it is important to note that once you log into the application with the brower, your session does not expire until you choose Settings > RESET BROWSER. For this reason, you should be careful when using the browser on public computers.

If you are in a library, for example, and log into the browser, simply closing the tab or even rebooting the computer does not log you out. Instead, you should be sure to choose Settings > RESET BROWSER before leaving the web application.

For more informatin about your identity and the browser, see Get and use a Blockstack ID.

Overview of the browser functions

The Blockstack Browser allows you to use the new internet. Toward this end, the Browser navigation has the following areas:

Item Purpose
Home Takes you to the initial page. This page contains a list of the available applications. You can also find available applications at the site.
IDs Allows you to establish the identity of your primary ID. You also go here to create additional, sub identities.
Wallet Allows you to send and receive Bitcoin.
Settings Configure settings for storage, change session password, reset the Browser, and more.